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'If I could prove I loved you from the start
发布时间:2017-06-09 16:14

'If I could prove I loved you from the start,www.112suncity.com,would it change anything?"This is the dialogue from Korean director Xu Qinhao's movie《Season of Good Rain》。 Themovie'sactor Pu Denghe met his college classsmate May several years after they graduation in a business trip from Korean to Chengdu,China.These two people loves each other when they was in university but never spoke out.It is very luckly they still have the chance to encounter even though they come from different country and live in different place.And still they can go back to the feeling of old days. At first,May try toevade Denghe but his teacher told her shouldn't keep anything in mind.This gives her the courage and right attitude to face it.And how luckly they still have the chance to love since Denghe is still single and May's husband has died from an earthequake which happened in 2008. Maybe you will say,"Haha,It is just a story and how it goes decided by our people."But don't forget one thing : story and tells always come from real life.I think this kind of things will happened to many of us:Sometimes we will give up the people loved deeply or didn't have the chance to bare his heart to the one he or she loved just because something from the outside.And finally they will regret for the decision once made.Some of us maybe still have the chance to get back but how small the chance is.

“如果我能证明我对你一见钟情,那么是否现在会不一样?”这段对话来自于韩国导演许秦豪的电影《好雨时节》。电影导演Pu Denghe和他的大学同学MAY在从韩国到中国的商务旅程毕业几年后偶遇。这两个人在大学的时候便相互爱着对方但却从没有表明,幸运的是,即使他们来自不同的国家生活在不同的地方他们仍有机会在街头邂逅而且可以仍然沉浸在过去的那些美好时光中。最初,MAY试图去逃避Denghe,但是他的老师告诉他不该把所有事情都放在心里,这给她勇气并且摆出正确的态度去面对。更加幸运的是他们仍然爱着对方,www.112suncity.com,Denghe到目前仍是单身,而MAY的丈夫在2008年的地震中死去。也许你会说“哈哈,这仅仅是个故事,故事的发展取决于作者。”但是不要忘记:故事和真相往往来自于真实的生活。我认为这样的故事会发生在我们许多人身上。有时候我们只是因为一些外在的因素而放弃深深爱着的人或者没有任何机会去对爱着的他或她表白内心。然后他们就会对曾经做过这样的一个决定而遗憾。也许我们之中很多人有机会去重新来过,www.112suncity.com,但是这样的机会是多么的渺小。

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